Arriving in Managua Feb 2016: 

1 Month @ an AirBnB…. (AirBnB Online Accommodation Booking)

Originally, I rented a room at a guesthouse (with Lily & Nico, for 1 month), this house had several other foreigners visiting mostly from Europe, it was in the barrio Altamira, booked through AirBnB; and it’s a great way to have a place while looking around and getting familiar with the city. The hosts were a great resource of information in general as you learn about the Nica culture.

There’s a limited amount of information online, about Managua and/or Nicaragua in general (compared to Costa Rica), which prompted me to create this site.

When I arrived it was during a very hot time in March and April, so I headed to an area which is known for being cooler– Jinotepe, Diriamba and El Crucero (Carazo region); also note, these areas are far outside of central Managua, more than an hour from the airport, but only around 1 hour on the express bus, which only leaves early in the morning (at 7-7:30 am to 9-9:30 am) the other buses take about 2 hours to San Juan del Sur a beach city (keep in mind, they can stop frequently and food is sold on board if you get hungry). Diriamba is slightly closer, but has a lot of traffic off the central street, but Jinotepe is much less congested. There’s a consistent breeze (fresca) and the town is small and quaint.

In the town, there are central parks, where there’s easy access to cheap buses (going to nearby towns and to Managua), lots of pizza parlors, a market, Pali (the cheap local supermarket), and other local stores to buy goods. You can get a taxi for C$10-15 (50 cents) into town and around town.

To get settled and for my first apartment, through AirBnB, I really enjoyed living there for a month. The price of renting a decent house, however, wasn’t any cheaper than a more central location, so I decided to rent a house in Ticuantepe (a Managua suburb)– only 20 minutes from central Managua (Metro Center).