Gone A-stray

Details: Stray dogs and cats are an issue. You’ll also see chickens, horses and cows simply wandering around grazing.

The amount of stray dogs you’ll see is astonishing and sad. They are more apparent in the outer areas, but you see them everywhere. Luckily, the dogs aren’t aggressive, the average dog you’ll see is too sick to do much, but walk slowly passed you; however, the barking at night takes getting used to, something I was already used to from LA, where I lived with Central Americans who typically kept their pets outside constantly and didn’t care that the dog was barking all night and day, every time another dog or someone walked by; and, they didn’t get their dogs fixed either.

A Pest: NO rats, Cats are the real problem, because they can climb over and under your fence, and up the fence walls. They’re stealth and enter your house quietly stealing food. My old neighbors were regularly raided by cats, even eating avocados, not a normal cat meal. They fight and return if you remove them.

Kittens showing up…heartbreaking, but you can’t keep them all!

Since, I have lived here I have seen 3 sets of homeless kittens, I rescued the 1st two that wandered into my guests home, but I am allergic, so I cannot have a cat.

The next 2 sets created a hostile environment in the community and in my garden, they were awful when in heat, loudly fought each other often, because the area cats were territorial, so I started getting cats peeing in my house and yard to mark the territory from the kittens. It was a real nightmare and a challenge, but I had to get rid of the kittens with water. Ultimately, we don’t kill cats like we have no issue killing rats, but it was something I considered– it can be that annoying. stray cats and cat pee in your home isn’t easy to get rid of…

The kittens are gone, but I still have a cat problem. The cats here are truly like having rats, both have NO boundaries, you can change, are equally smart, clever and bent on survival and will do extraordinary things to stay alive. The only real option is to kill the rat.

If only people would keep their pets inside their homes and get them fixed, things here with stray cats and dogs would eventually improve. It’s really cruelty towards animals to allow the propagation of unwanted domesticated animals, but in Central America this is an ongoing issue, NOT being addressed, at all– so take note!