Bar/Restaurant: Ron Kon Rolas

Dance Club & Live Music As usual, we stumbled upon this bar, my choice, because the other places my friend wanted to go were too loud for my taste, where you have scream at each other all night. A la the reason for her voice loss and deep raspy voice that night.

This was an unfolding evening to this bar after having a little food (dumplings) and 1 beer, for me, at the Chinese restaurant Siam Wie (opposite La Union), then to the bar restaurant at the Nua in the Hotel Renaissance’s Asian fusion bar/lounge across from the Metro Center (where I had sushi, which was really very decent– to be reviewed) and then a short walk to Los Robles to Ron Kon Rolas.

They have various things going on at this spot, and that night there was a DJ playing some very nice house sounds. House music based in a Colombian style music as a base, mixed with Latin pop, tribal beats and snippets of trance. I was able to really groove to this music, for the first time in Managua– good dance music for a house dance music chica from downtown NYC.

The dance floor was mostly full of a very young crowd, 15-25, I know crazy young and not able to really dance to this type of music. At least, not like I can, after partying to house from the major cities of the USA to Europe. The style of dance for this music is unique and a particular style that is like NO other and I often get an audience when I dance (not bragging just explaining); although, on this night I was very unprepared for dancing like I knew I was going to get down like that… I was over dressed and had no powder. Only a east coast house music dancer would understand this.

Summary: the chicken wings were surprisingly excellent, well worth coming back for– crispy and really tasty in a tangy BBQ sauce. However, I won’t be ordering the curly fries again (not good quality, and overcooked)

I will be returning to this bar to see what else they have to offer!