Preface: I have driven in many countries and cities; therefore, this observation is based upon my personal comparisons. I learn to drive in NYC, where drivers are aggressive and you must be on your toes. As an adult I mostly drove in Los Angeles, as well, I did my share of road trips; including, driving cross country 6 times (2X solo)– 4 days trip LA to NY straight shot).


Nica Critique

CARS – overall, I would say the road is full of way too much testosterone, or threatened egos running amuck all over the road leading to driving recklessly, injuring and killing people carelessly. If you pass a car that person comes racing to pass you and cut closely around you. They’ll pass with very little room for error and most drivers give motorcyclists absolutely no consideration concerning that there’s NO bumper to play with, if you make an error. It’s really a terrible thought, when you see the statistics of deaths by vehicle accidents.

Nicaragua is 69/172 in highest fatal accident rates worldwide (1/172 Iran – highest to 171/172 Sweden next up from the lowest

Fatal motorcycle accidents in the Americas, 1998-2010, increased 227% 12 years, from 3,209 in 1998 to 10,505 in 2010

The report shows that, in the Americas, traffic-related injuries are the number-one cause of death among children aged 5 to 14 years and the second-leading cause of death for those aged 15 to 44 years. In 2010, there were 149,992 traffic deaths in the Americas and an estimated 5 million people injured. Motorcyclists represent 15% of these deaths.


Low-income countries have higher motorcycle death rates

MOTORCYCLE – motorcyclists drive even more careless and are having far too many accidents due to foolish choices. They’re not trained for best practices on a cycling, such as, lane formation, space between bikes and following the traffic lights. Often they drive through red lights, they drive like they’re in the wild west and they die that way too. They don’t look over the shoulder when changing lanes, lean into turns, keep the bikes tires up to date(many of the bikes wheel/tires are almost totally bald or bald, which means NO traction. They ride 3-4 persons on a bike of 125cc, with a low weight bike capacity; therefore, they are moving much slower than other traffic.

Road Rage & Poor Road Etiquette is equally common in many countries, which aren’t classified as poor, or developing. When it comes to poor driving practices with motorcycles is an ongoing issue globally, because most western countries don’t teach motorists the culture of how to share the road safely with cycles. European nations have very good best driving practices sharing the road with motorcyclists and their rates of accidents are 150’s/172– the lowest rates. The problems with judging the speed of a motorcycle, realizing that there’s no metal surrounding a person or a bumper is a common problem causing many accidents, serious injuries and deaths.

Does poverty dictate respect for life?

This question is very important in the world today, where life has such little value. In our current wars, American lives seem to be seen as more important than other lives; and perhaps, poor people possibly don’t value their own lives; so, I ask why and how has this come to be our human reality?