In the USA, the point and selling advantage to franchises is that if you’re in one city or area, the food will look and taste the same no matter where you are. But, this kind of restaurant needs serious attention to the formula (decor, service and recipes) and it’s NO easy feat in the states. Now sometimes, the formula is slightly modified to suit the culture of the chain, especially when it goes to Europe and/or other countries where the personal tastes are drastically different.


Metro Center Branch

The quality that a country demands in vegetables or meat may influence what’s served. Mac Donald in Europe, where I’ve visited a few countries, came with a much nicer green lettuce (not iceberg), which sometimes due to certain items not being available in certain regions of the world. The Big Mac here is almost exactly the same– the sauce is slightly off and actually noticeable, but not terrible. The Quarter Pounder is perfect and tasty in comparison.

Burger King however, really fails to measure up. The Whopper is missing something rather significant; it simply doesn’t taste the same or isn’t consistent in quality. I think the issue is that they are cutting the amount of condiments (likely to save money), but it changes the taste quite abit. The mix of onion, mayonnaise and ketchup makes a huge difference. The burger is dry and not as tasty.

Time regulations are placed on many of these products because there’s such a short shelf life for most items concerning the best timeframe to consume them. Unfortunately, when shortcuts are taken the product easily suffers. Running out of stuff is very common at BK in my experience.

One important thing, which I must point out is that the burgers at both fast food chains are typically better than most burger served here at local restaurants. Unfortunately, hamburger quality is very poor here, they are not juicy or tender. And, even, if you buy top shelf at the high-end markets (in La Colonia and La Union). Luckily, at the chains they must be importing the hamburger meat to regulate the taste and quality. The same goes for higher end restaurant chains like Buffalo Wings and TGI Fridays. A good steak is easier to acquire, but are priced similar to the USA– not cheap for the average Nica.