We obviously notice these animals (dogs and cats) wandering around, hear them barking at night, sniffing around for food, but are WE really seeing them and their true suffering?

Dogs and cats are susceptible to many, many ailments and diseases, when they are healthy and well cared for, but these animals have no owners usually and they’re extremely ill. The ones that survive to adulthood and continue to have puppies and kittens are passing their diseases onto the next generation. The worse part is that these strays are starving and they will eat anything, including, everything that isn’t traditional food for animals from fruits to dirty baby diapers



stray and pups

A disease, such as, heart-worms is a difficult illness to cure, but coupled with mangy, severe malnutrition, dehydrated, and intestinal worms, bad infections, bacterias, with many that are crippled; the best thing to do is to stop there misery. This country however, does not have the resources to save these dogs. It is a very low priority issue and I understand why. Even animals that do have owners are in general poorly cared for by most families that are generally poor– they don’t get their pets annual check ups, shots, or are concerned with good diets for their pets and they DO NOT get them FIXED.

These domesticated animals are not happy, or playful as most pets are in the USA, they’re mostly ignored and live outside all the time. There’s little sensibility about what’s acceptable noise for your neighbors, or stopping your dog from barking either… it’s like living in a jungle sometimes. Surprisingly, this is also true in the many areas of LA, where more latinos and other brown skinned people live; in these communities the belief and practice is that dogs are supposed to live outside ONLY. Cats may fare better and are another story, because they can climb over the walls to your house, quietly enter the houses (that are typically open), and enter your garden get into your garbage and pee to mark a territory. As we all know cat pee is very strong and a real problem to eradicate. Actually, they’re more invasive than the dogs are here.


stray mamed

Many breeds are not meant to live outside, but they don’t understand that in Central America; only, the rich get this concept here.

Unfortunately, animals can eventually carry diseases that can potentially be passed onto humans, so it’s a gamble to ignore it until it may threaten what we consider more important lives. They also have chickens, horses, cows and pigs that live in the neighborhoods, which are not cared for properly. In poverty, these things can be problematic, obviously, but the real crime is the abundance of suffering that the strays here endure that is cruel and inhumane.

An intelligent person would know that the reality is most of these animals cannot be saved and need to be euthanized, which is the most humane thing to do. Unfortunately, we think of death as the worse thing ever, but death is a part of life and suffering is often a manmade phenomenon. Our carelessness, in this case is manmade!

I am NOT one to advocate easily killing animals, but this is one instance where it’s much more loving to put these animals to sleep, there’s not a good home for all of them, and the education about how to care for a pet is non-existent; so, rather than watch them suffer in illness and starvation for years, until it finally dies in pain and agony!