Climate: Rainy Season – 

I’m that person who suffers from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)– I get depressed with grey skies, cold and more than 2 days of rain. I have experienced this condition for over 40 years; and now, it’s gone!

I find this to be extraordinary, because even in Los Angeles, where it’s sunny almost 360 days of the year, those few days of grey skies, minimal cold and light rains would depress me. It’s not just rain here, but heavy rain and it’s an inconvenience too, because I get drenched, if I get caught in it. Otherwise, it’s my favorite time of the year. The only draw back is that my laundry takes forever to dry and it gets smelly, requiring rewashing. Thus, you gotta accurately plan your day for doing laundry.

People don’t have dryers— unless you’re really rich!

The Rainy Season is very humid, but cool; especially at night. It’s so cool that I can catch a cold during these months.

Pros: healthwise 1) humidity is better, than dry weather, for your skin; which means, your skin is more hydrated and you age better– theoretically. Stress, how well you care for your body and genetics still trumps environment. 2) If you have asthma it may also be better for your lungs, cold weather aggravates me. 3) You don’t have the expense of keeping yourself warm with clothing and keeping your house heated. People use less resources. 4) You’re far less likely to get colds or the flu. After I moved to LA, I think I got the flu 1-2 times and it was only for 24 hrs. The advantages of warmer weather and sunshine are documented in quality of life over all and worldwide, but it’s not the only factor. Lifestyle is also important.

Cons: the 1) rain and humidity comes with bugs, especially flies, beetles, and those type of mosquitoes, which carry some diseases, such as, Dengue and Zika, 2) it can lead to mold and damp smell issues, but still it’s no different from the humid parts of the states. Since I am coming from LA, it was an adjustment for me and still is…3) you just feel sticky and when it’s hot– it feels very hot (just like Louisiana, Florida or Mississippi). 4) As an artist, I notice my drawing paper has this very slight dampness, which affects the pencil from sticking to the paper– it’s actually kind of weird (?)

Rainy season can be so intense that it also ruins the roads; and after the season ends you’ll notice a lot of road repairs around town, which is great to see that the state is attentive to repairing the roads– for a biker the roads can equal death and major injury!