IMPORTANT INFORMATION: How to handle extending or renewing Tourist Visas

I’m going to keep this simple… You don’t have to travel out of the country if you want to stay longer than 90 days. The 1st time, you can go to the Visa office at Metro Center to get an extension. However, you can only get an extension at this office one time; if you need to do this 2 or more times you can MUST go to the main Immigration Office in Managua, NI

Process & What you need (all information and forms at the immigration office are in Spanish and almost no one speaks english, so be prepared to communicate). YOu can purchase copies at the office (C$5 per copy)

Parking at the main immigration office parking is also available in the lot for C$30-C$50, and there are several motorcycle parking areas (C$10-20) at different stands where you buy copies or in the designated lot. There are many people trying to get your attention, the moment you arrive, for making copies or if you need a lawyer; perhaps, to help with Nica Residency (application processing, and more)– if you’re American of course, I’d recommend a real lawyers office, someone recommends. Processing the residency can be problematic!

  • Passport (obviously)
  • Proof of exit (copy/original plane or bus ticket or prove to them you’re driving)
  • Copy of your Passport and the page with your Visa stamp
  • Buy the form for extension or exit (cost C$5) and pay for the extension

Cost of Extension(s): 30 Days = C$500 ($15-$20) |60 Days C$1000 | 90 Days C$1500

Fee per day, when you got over your Visa’s 90 days C$5

Hours: 8am – 4pm | Monday to Friday |Closed Sat & Sun

Filling out the formit’s not easy to figure out what information is needed; so you’ll need a little help with this part. Your Nica residency number only applies to Nicas, so skip it, it also has some other questions specific to Nicas. Fill out: where you reside in Nicaragua, (such as, hotel , house or friends/family address), your parents names, birth nationality, country of residency/origin, passport number and a few other questions.



At the border… Border crossing is another way you can renew your visa, by exiting to Costa Rica or Panama. It depends on what you’re looking for, but the border crossing is not what I would recommend, unless you are interested in the ride and visiting another country cheaply. It’s a very pretty ride in nice weather, but a slow process– hella HOT too, and it takes 10hr or more to CR, and much longer to Panama.

The cost of the Nica bus R/T ticket is cheap C$60 (with an open return ticket date) and there’s also the Tica bus, but I’m not sure about the cost at the office, online it’s double $90 (much higher price) and not easy to purchase, because you need to call them and email paperwork, like copies of your passport and pay via phone too.