Serving Portions, in general, are NOT like America, but more like Europe!

When dining in restaurants many places tend to lack consistency in the quality and quantity of food served, what food items are actually served and it’s preparation. Also, it’s necessary to check that the meat’s cooked completely, especially when you’re ordering pork here.

Molino Café Restaurant

No problem with the coffee, but they served the worse pancakes, of my life. They were hard closer to cardboard and completely flat– not fluffy. The serving was two medium sized pancakes for $4.00, A RIP OFF!

Microwaved frozen pancakes would’ve been better. How they managed to create these pancakes is amazing to me. The pancakes must have been old, very old!

Soho Restaurant (las Galerias)

On the menu they list 5 different burgers.  One of the choices is the Blue Cheese and Mushroom burger. Well, I had high hopes, but what they served wasn’t blue cheese; it was white American cheese (which is NOT even cheese).

This wouldn’t be an issue except that they are charging you extra for blue cheese. Price = $9.00

Las Flores Café (1 of the more expensive cafés)

The breakfast burrito is pricey as it is, but then they decided to make it even smaller, barely filled with egg and cheese (and not tasty); perhaps, it was a new chef but more likely the company trying to save money, (it’s a very common practice here to suddenly give smaller portions). Frankly, if you’re a regular, like me, it’s almost an insult to the consumer’s intelligence, because the serving is so much smaller and very noticeable.

This wouldn’t be an issue except that they are charging you the same Price = $7.00

La Campaña in general, I like the food here!

The burgers here are horrible— very dry and overcooked to being crunchy, but the French Fries were good; and the second time I had breakfast here it was noticeably different, NOT as good, so this is just an FYI.

The empanadas are very good and have a decent price of $1.50 (C$40-45), and as I posted before the espresso drinks are good.